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Our Mission

Find your voice.

Use it bravely.


Build Better Pathways

Music is a miracle.  Open up brain pathways by challenging your perception through music.  Learn life skills and grow in music and mentorship.  

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Unconditional Positive Regard

When kids and young adults are introduced to the benefits of positive reinforcement, a newer, more healthy mental contract is created between each artist and their inner voice.  Music a the vehicle for self-approval, building the grounds for fostering inner rewards.

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Connection & Communication

Teaching the importance of connection.  Our most endearing gift is communication, Find the key to building your trust, and use your body, your voice, and your instrument as the vehicle to move others.


Darryn de Souza | Founder

Welcome to the de Souza Music. With over two decades of dedicated experience as a Music Director, I have had the privilege of steering complete teams, ranging from orchestras and bands to choirs, vocal and instrumental ensembles. Our commitment to musical excellence is shaped by a versatile and dynamic career that includes extensive experience as a program developer. As a visionary in the field, I've had the privilege of contributing to the growth and educational enrichment of various organizations.

Visionary Leadership:
My journey in music leadership has been marked by a passion for pushing boundaries in musical expression and a commitment to elevating the overall musical experience. Through effective direction, I have successfully implemented music programs across diverse genres, showcasing a proven track record of fostering artistic excellence and collaborative teamwork that translates into engaging and unforgettable performances.


Music Education Expertise:

Beyond leadership, my deep background in music education has equipped me to provide mentorship and inspiration to musicians at all levels. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced musician, de Souza Music is a place where you can nurture your talents and explore the boundless possibilities of musical expression.

Choral Excellence:

My rich choral experience further enriches the offerings at our school. We believe in creating an environment where choral enthusiasts can flourish, and aspiring vocalists can find guidance and support to reach their full potential.

Industry Recognition:

Recognized for creative thinking, adaptability, and collaboration, I bring a unique perspective to the school through industry connections and experiences working with renowned artists. This ensures that our students not only receive top-notch education but also gain insights into the real-world dynamics of the music industry.

Exceptional Performances:

At de Souza Music, we are committed to creating exceptional performances that showcase charisma, leadership, and expertise. Whether you are a student aspiring to refine your skills or an audience member seeking an immersive musical experience, we invite you to be part of our vibrant and dynamic musical community.

​I'm excited to find more ways to create and educate.

Alma de Souza | Founder

As the founder of de Souza Music, my journey has been shaped by a fusion of the arts, a keen awareness of the transformative power of education and a commitment to innovative education. Drawing from the unique experience of homeschooling my own children, de Souza Music stands as a beacon in these extraordinary times, embracing the intersection of music, technology, and holistic learning.

Innovative Fusion of Music and STEAM:

Building upon my experience in Business and Project Management, de Souza Music is not just a music school; it's an innovative space where the timeless art of music converges with the principles of STEAM. This approach empowers students to explore the interconnectedness of creativity, technology, and analytical thinking.

Holistic Curriculum Integration:

Our curriculum is designed to meet students' evolving needs. We have crafted a holistic learning experience that encourages creative problem-solving and innovation, both in the world of music and beyond.


Homeschooling Excellence in the Pandemic Era:

Recognizing the awakening passion for homeschooling during the pandemic, de Souza Music has embraced this educational shift. Our programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of homeschooling families, alternative schools and Educational institutions, offering flexibility and enriching resources that allow students to explore their curiosity about the world around them.


Advocacy for Comprehensive Education:

I am a steadfast advocate for comprehensive education. de Souza School of Music goes beyond conventional education; it is a haven for students to discover their potential across multiple disciplines, offering a transformative and enriching educational experience. 


With a commitment rooted in STEAM and a deep love for music, I am excited about the transformative impact our school can have on shaping resilient, creative, and adaptable individuals.

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