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Foundations are the most beneficial way for students to learn the most important aspects of performing. Building self-reflection in students allows for personal discoveries in their voices.  Building pitch independence can be one of the most challenging aspects of singing lessons.  We employ steps and methods to help create a path to success for students.  Group setting is used to help ease the tension of singing alone for beginner or apprehensive singers.  Here, we build tools and trust that can be found in all aspects of life.  The vehicle is music.

** Online Group Sessions are fully booked for Spring 2024

**Accepting Pre-registrations for Spring/Summer 2024. 

North Huron: location to be shared shortly


the Kid Chorale | 5-8 years

Mondays | 4:30 pm | 40 mins

Location: Blyth

  • Play musical games

  • Appreciate Music (live and prerecorded)

  • Begin journey in self-confidence and passion for the arts.

  • Learn songs that help to boost self-confidence.

  • The ability to read in a student is a bonus but not required.

$17/ Class + HST (Charged Monthly)

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the Kid Chorale | 9-12 years

Mondays | 5:30 pm | 50 mins

Location: Blyth

  • Learn the basics of performance preparation

  • Foster creativity & personality, and feed confidence to help progress 

  • Start to perform with your friends in a group and solo setting

  • Learn how to communicate what you are doing to succeed

  • Learn things you can continue focusing on to find even more success

$22 / Class + HST (Charged Monthly)

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Young Artist Collective (YAC) | 13-17 years

Mondays | 6:45 pm | 50 mins

Location: Blyth

  • Learn vocal techniques that can improve your singing

  • Use music from Broadway and Contemporary Pop to work on your performance skills

  • Foster creativity and feed confidence properly to help progress and self-discoveries

  • Learn the elements of a great performance, and try to take on the qualities and work ethic of some of your favourite artists

  • Learn the most important aspects of how to properly rehearse in between classes to skyrocket improvement on those people who are willing to work smart and work hard.

  • Unlock your talent!

$22 / Class + HST (Charged Monthly)

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