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Learn to sing
in 2024 dsm de Souza school of music

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Our Services

Foundations Classes.png

Foundations classes are the most effective way for students to learn essential performance aspects. Group settings alleviate tension for beginners, fostering tools and trust applicable to various life aspects, with music as the guiding vehicle.

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Embark on a musical adventure with de Souza  Music's March Break STEAM camp - 2024 & PA days.  Immerse them in the world of music, technology, and creativity with de Souza  Music's one-of-a-kind Exclusive Limited-Time STEAM Residency!

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The Performance Lab is a place where you hone your live chops.  Where you can figure out the best songs for your voice by trying to get together a series of performances. Discover the craft of learning, understanding, rehearsing, singing, and finally performing your songs.  

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The de Souza School of Music is currently accepting private students by invitation, extending a welcome to individuals of all levels, including actors and professional singers gearing up for auditions. 


 We understand the unique needs of homeschoolers!     Our workshops are specially designed to complement your homeschooling curriculum, offering a flexible and inclusive educational experience. Explore music and technology with like-minded peers in an engaging and inclusive environment.

the Gratitude Project.png

The Gratitude Project is a transformative experience that broadens students' perspectives and inspires them to impact the world positively. This unique workshop serves as a platform for students to understand the difference they can make by raising awareness and rallying support for foundations dedicated to worthy causes. By harnessing the power of music, we believe that individuals can contribute meaningfully to societal well-being.

This workshop, designed with educational institutions and homeschool groups in mind, offers a compelling way for schools and educational systems to purchase a program that not only enriches the musical education of students but also instills a sense of social responsibility.

What Clients Say

"Music classes with Darryn have been a wonderful experience for our son - having something to look forward to and sharing his love of music and singing has been such a boost for him. Darryn's passion for music and the arts shines through and he instills this in all of his students (not only for our son - but for our daughter who Darryn taught many years ago - she is now 23 and still carries the lessons he taught with her) Thank you Darryn!" 
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